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552934_10151319677470806_1146605352_nCat Care is the most popular service provided by Shannon’s Pet Sitting



Deemed a “cat whisperer” by loyal cat clients.

A vibe & sense that cats love!

Over 15 Years Experience in Cat Behavior & Care

Shannon is owned by 3 cats herself!


Cats are characters – plain & simple. They all have their own distinct personalities, characteristics & traits. We respect and recognizes that each cat is an individual, and needs to be approached in a manner that it is comfortable with.

Shannon with Keisa Shannon's Pet SittingShy or scared cats are the ones that made Shannon realize the unique talent, sense and intuition she has with them. A few of Shannon’s cat clients have cats that are skiddish or shy and only come out for their owners. However, these cats trust Shannon and will come out for her.

For example Lisa Marik had 3 cats – Bear, Spooky & Precious. The only one that would come out was Bear. For some reason after Bear passed away Spooky and Precious immediately started coming around for Shannon when she cares for them. Wanting loves, pets, belly rubs & vocalizing their demand for canned food! But they only come out for Shannon & their owner.

Cat Sitting Services

Hatch, Hannah & Moishe – Sphynx Cats

No matter what we always makes sure we get eye on all of the cats in our care! We will get down on the floor to peer under beds, couches & other furniture to get a visual on them. We will hunt for them as long as it takes, and some are pretty good hiders!

Although we love the Domestic Short Hair, and the Domestic Long Hairs aka “mutt” cats, we also has breed knowledge. We knows the personalities and traits that can be associated with the breeds and some “special needs” they may require. Some of the breeds we have worked with are Sphynx, Bengal, Persian, Blue Russians, Maine Coon, Abyssinian, Siamese, & Bermese.

Liza – Bangle Cat

We also have a knack and knowledge for working with special needs cats. Having 2 Certified Veterinary Assistants we have the training to be able to work with multiple medical issues that cats are prone to. We specialize in the care of diabetic, and chronic renal (kidney) failure cats. We are not easily deterred by kitties who tend to get upset with getting medicated. We have few tricks up our sleeves and along with some tools can make sure they get their medication.

We understands with Feline Diabetes it is more than just giving a shot once or twice a day. You don’t “shake” the insulin bottle which is kept in the refrigerator, you “roll” it. There is a time window you can “play with” of when the shot is given, different locations you can give the injection & how to properly measure the insulin.

Chewie getting fluids Shannon's Pet Sitting

Chewie getting fluids

Shannon has personally had 2 cats of her own with Acute & Chronic Renal (kidney ) Failure. A pet sitter caring for a cat with renal failure has to be familiar with the treatment and management of this disease to know what to look for & know what to do. Increased water consumption & urinating, poor appetite (its critical to keep a renal failure pet eating!), depression, special low protein diet, blood pressure pills to improve blood flow to the kidneys, potassium gluconate, Calcitriol, Azodyl (kept in the refrigerator), and the infamous subcutaneous fluids!
Cat Sitting Services In addition to these elements she also monitors your pets water consumption & urination’s. Understanding that a pet that consumes large amounts of water has to go to the bathroom more often & is more prone to accidents.

We do not charge extra for giving pills. However, there is an additional fee for giving subcutaneous fluids due to the time & set up involved. Our mission is to help cat owners so they have the opportunity & freedom to take a much needed vacation or trip out of town. Giving pet owners peace of mind that their furry friend in good knowledgeable hands and well cared for by a loving compassionate professional.

Mortiz – Blue Russian kitten

Then there is the fun of caring for the little ones! The rambunctious, playful, inquisitive kittens! They can be a handful too though. Getting into mischief and things they aren’t supposed to. They needs a little more supervision than an adult cats.

There are many different factors involved when it comes to a cats care. To avoid unforeseen incidents we have minimum visit limits. Some cats can be left alone longer than others. We are always happy to make more than the minimum amount of visits. It depends on whatever the pet owner is comfortable with. These depend on each individual situation. We will make recommendations if she feels more visits are necessary. Normally cats that are purrfectly healthy and on a dry food diet and a large water supply can go with visits every other day. However cats with medical needs or kittes should be visited once or twice a day depending on the situation.


While caring for your cat we are happy to scoop litter boxes, and is familiar with the various types of cat litter and litter boxes that are on the market. We can refill and change their water and knows how to work the multiple types of water fountains and filters that cat owners have.

We are also very knowledgeable when is comes to diets and foods for cats. She has dealt with feeding multiple brands, dry, prescription, canned, and raw forms. We knows how to force feed cats for medical reasons. Shannon is an affiliate for Young Again Pet Foods since February 2012 and Becky is a representative for Blue Buffalo Food. They are both knowledgeable in their diets and formulas. We also keeps an eye out for food recalls & will bring it to the cat owners attention if we find a recalled diet being fed.


We knows that with age our feline friends health care needs grow. Our feline friends are now living to be 20+ years old! They are a bit more fragile and need a little extra TLC & patience. Thanks to our medical training we know the signs to watch for to keep our furry friends out of trouble. From upper respiratory infections, to not wanting to eat, not using the litter box, trouble using the litter box. We enable cat owners to be able to keep their pets at home and care for the in their own environment when they are ill.

Don’t be afraid to ask us questions or our opinion on something with your cat. We are always willing to offer a tip, suggestion or method that may be able to assist you in caring and spoiling your kitty! We have a vast knowledge of the products out on todays kitty market & which one may be best suited for your situation.

Shannon's Pet Sitting Timmy & Henry

Timmy & Henry

Carmel - Bermese Shannon's Pet Sitting

Carmel – Bermese

Spooky Shannon's Pet Sitting

Spooky – she is deaf

Tarzan Tiger Samantha Connie
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