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Controlling Your Dog in Public

You are in a grocery store and you see a little kid yelling, screaming, and tearing through the store running up and down the isles doing whatever they want. The first thing that runs through every person’s mind who is also in that store thinks “Control and discipline your kid or don’t take them out […]

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Changing a Pet Sitter’s Routine Effects Pets

One of the key things about being a pet sitter is the clients pets become like your own. You form a bond and relationship with them as you get to know each other. I always have people telling me what a fun job pet sitting sounds like. How easy I must have it as a […]

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Tips to Medicate a Cat

Out of all the animals I have cared for over the years I have to say cats are the most difficult to medicate. Dogs are easily fooled with peanut butter, liver sausage or just popping a pill down their throat. Some cats are easy to medicate. My cat Sheena & my sisters cat Cassie are […]

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Dog Walking vs. Pet Sitting – What’s the Difference?

You go to the internet to find a service to help care for your pet. They ask you “What services are you seeking?” and list the options: Pet Sitting Dog Walking Pet Boarding Doggie Day Care Which one do you pick? What does each entails? You had no clue there were so many options! What […]

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What’s the Cost of Pet Sitting In Chicago’s Suburbs?

Cost of Pet Sitting In Chicago’s Suburbs Cost of Pet Sitting in Chicago’s NW suburbs varies depending on the service provider. Services determine their prices based on many different factors and not all of them are the same. The pricing and company can make a difference in you and your pets’ pet sitting service. The following […]

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Veterinary Release & Emergency Clinic information

Your pet sitter may ask you to complete a Veterinary Release form. This form in case your pet needs medical attention while in your pet sitters care. Of course your pet sitter will call you right away in the event of an emergency! But you may miss the call for whatever reason. This form allows your […]

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Frequently Asked Questions of Shannon’s Pet Sitting

These “Frequently Asked Questions” about my pet sitting services should answer most of your questions.  If your question isn’t answered here, I can be contacted via phone or email & will be happy to answer it for you.    What type of pets do you care for? I care for most domestic pets. My clients are primarily […]

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Why I am NOT a member of PSI or Napps

I’ve had quite a few people ask me over the years if I am a member of PSI (Pet Sitters International) or NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) and I’m NOT.  It can be explained in two ways – to a Pet Owner & then also a fellow Pet Sitter. An Association to me […]

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