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business ethics
As a lot of you know, I’m HUGE into networking & helping other pet sitters out in any way I can. But today I got crossed TWICE and I’m mad, disappointed & hurt!

First I found another pet sitting service “Pet Sitter Patrol” STOLE my Coupon design with MY LOGO on it from my website! The Logo & Design my Marketing Manager designed! Had they ASKED I might not have minded but they didn’t! This is EXACTLY why I copy protect all the stuff on my website. Go figure the 1 thing on the site I don’t protect so my customers can access it to print it! Needless to say, I emailed them immediately & told them if they do not remove the image from their website within 24 hours they will be hearing from my lawyers!

I’m ALWAYS willing to help anybody anyway I can. All they have to do is reach out & ASK! Don’t STEAL from me!! My Marketing Manager Lauren was also pretty upset by it. She said ” I’M MAD! I DESIGNED THAT! FOR YOU! I DREW THAT! Keep me posted on this please UGH!! This is the first time someone has used my work like this (even though its not mine, per se, as you own it now, but you know what I mean)”

I had just about calmed down from this mornings art work theft episode when I get a FB Business page flag that somebody posted on my business page.

Business ethicsEarlier I had posted “Due to popular demand I’m happy & sad at the same time to announce Shannon’s Pet Sitting is booked until April and is not able to take anymore pet sitting jobs! My affiliate Mustang Sally Horse and Pet Sitting will be referred & will take on any jobs based on their availability.”

A woman commented on it “The Irish Sitter has availability!” OMG I was livid all over again!!

I have heard of this business, they share a similar service area. They have never contacted me or reach out to me in anyway shape or form (phone, email, text or FB) to network, talk, or meet. She has obviously been trolling my Business page to see what I’m up to because she has never posted before. REALLY!? You think that’s gonna get you business?! These pet sitters wonder why they are slow & have no business during Spring Break when they are pulling all this UNPROFESSIONAL BS instead of using the energy & effort to use professional marketing strategies to promote their own businesses!

My Affiliate saw the post & she was ticked off as well!. So she posted ” As all of Shannon’s loyal clients are aware Mustang Sally Horse and Pet Sitting is Shannon’s professional affiliate & back up sitter. We still have availability and are happy to help any pet owners out.” with a link to her website! LOL We waited a a bit to make sure the woman saw it & then I blocked her from my business page.

It still astounds & shocks me the business ethics of people today. You could get so
many more bees with honey! All it takes is a phone, text or email to reach out to a fellow business owner, give them a compliment & try to network together!

People please think before you act upon another pet business that you haven’t been in contact with – do you want a friend or an enemy? I think we all know the answer to that question.

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