Feeding Koi Fish in the Winter



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Although I’ve been a fish enthusiast since I was 15 I never really got into Pond or Koi fish. My Dad was the Koi lover as his landlord/best friend had a Koi pond where he lived. A couple of my clients have Koi ponds and I have no issue helping out by feeding the fish while they are away. All I really knew about Koi were they like Goldfish are cold water fish.
I learned this past fall from one of my clients not to feed them after the temperatures went below 45-40 degrees. The fish’s metabolism slows down and they can get sick if they eat.
Feeding Koi in WinterI was on the phone with Jennifer of Young Again Pet Food this morning placing an order for my kitties and we got on the subject of fish food. Which merged quickly over to the subject of their Kenzen Koi Food. Jennifer informed me their formulation can be fed to Koi in the winter. Jennifer directed me to their website and to videos on YouTube in regards to this.
Wow I learned a lot! During the winter when Koi are typically not fed they are still burning calories. A Koi can loose 10-15% of its body weight over winter! That’s Koi abuse! LOL I learned feeding lightly about once every 4 – 5 days is all that is needed. To help your Koi grow and thrive for a long and healthy life, Young Again Kenzen Koi Food contains only the most digestible protein sources on the market today; your ponds will stay much cleaner. You’ll be amazed at how little waste is produced.
TKenzen Koihe high digestibility of Kenzen Koi Food encourages growth of Koi. In fact, one serving of the food is equal to 1.5 to 2 servings of most other foods.

Attached are links to the video and Young Again’s Kenzen Koi Food.

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