FREE Pet Sitting Consultation Guarantee!!



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FREE Pet Sitting Consultation Guarantee!!

Did you know that most pet sitting companies with multiple pet sitters DO NOT have you meet their pet sitters at the consultation? You usually just meet the owner of the company.

You do not meet or know who your pet sitter will be until after you sign the contract and agree to use their company! So you have no idea if your pet will even like them! And if you DO NOT commit to use them you pay for the consultation! Usually about a $15-$20 charge.

At Shannon’s Pet Sitting we  prides ourselves on having pet owners meet the pet sitters at the Complimentary Consultation! You may have 3 people walking in to your home for the consultation but you will meet every person who could be coming into your home to care for your pets at any given time and the consultation is ALWAYS FREE Regardless if you use our service or not! Now that’s PEACE OF MIND!!

FREE Pet Sitting Consultation Guarantee!!

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