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These “Frequently Asked Questions” about my pet sitting services should answer most of your questions. 

If your question isn’t answered here, I can be contacted via phone or email & will be happy to answer it for you. 


What type of pets do you care for?

I care for most domestic pets. My clients are primarily cats and dogs. However, I regularly take care of birds, fish, small animals and reptiles. A specific list can be found on the “Variety of Pets” page.

What services do you provide?

I am able to provide stop by pet care visits, overnight pet care in your home , and assistance with medicating pets.  I am a pet sitting service pet owner’s use during vacations & out of town trips. Due to the sporadic scheduling of pet sitting visits I am unable to do daily dog walking.




Do you meet with the owner & their pet(s) in advance? Is there a charge for this in-home meeting?

A complimentary consultation to come by & meet with you and your pet at your home is provided to first time clients.  The consultation allows me to become familiar with you and your pet(s) as well as set up your customized services. It is a chance to get to know each other, for me to see your pet’s environment, interact with your pet(s) and to see if a comfortable business relationship is equally feasible

Do you have references?

Yes I am happy to provide references to first time clients. Testimonials of my service are also available on my website and online.

Are you Bonded & Insured?


 Yes I am bonded & Insured.


What does it mean that you are insured?

I carry a liability insurance policy that will cover damages. This protects you from financial loss in the event I am liable for accidents that occur while caring for your pets. Any responsible professional business should carry liability insurance.



What does it mean that you are bonded?

I carry a dishonesty bond. This gives you peace of mind that you will be reimbursed if anything is stolen from your home. You should make sure that any workers who enter your home carry a dishonesty bond.

What type of special training do you have?

 I am a certified veterinary assistant through the American Animal Hospital Association specialized in internal medicine, cardiology & emergency medicine.  I am certified in Pet CPR & First aid.  I also have 2 years of training in working with small animals, reptiles, fish & birds.



How much time do you spend in our home to caring for our pet(s)?

 My stop by pet care visits are 30 minutes in length. Overnights visits average 12 hours in length.



What are the payment terms?

Payment for your pet sitting services is due before or at the time of your first scheduled visit.


What Forms of Payment do you accept?

 I accept cash and checks.  I currently accept credit cards through PayPal.


Do you use a service contract that spells out services performed and fees for doing so?


 Yes I have an electronic signature client service agreement that will be emailed to you.  Once I receive your completed form I add you to my schedule and confirm by emailing you the service invoice.

How much advance notice do you require before service?

You should contact me as soon as you have made plans so we can get the process rolling to get you scheduled. Two weeks is always enough time for us to schedule your initial consultation before your service. However, I will try to work with less time available as well. Once you are an existing client, I can usually work with you on very short notice. As a  reminder your pet care reservation is not confirmed until I receive the complete client service agreement.

How can I make reservations for service?

You can submit a service request through my website. Or, you can call me at (847) 987-4322.


I have a last minute trip suddenly come up! Can you help me?

I will always try to help you on short notice, but I cannot guarantee availability if there is very little time before your service begins. A late booking fee will apply with less than 24 hours advance notice and during holidays.  I regularly book up completely at major holidays and end up turning away last minute callers.

I live outside your service area. Can you still serve me?

 If you are outside of my service area I will refer you to another reputable professional pet sitter if I know of one in your area.

Do you offer housesitting service in which you stay at my house all day and night?

I offer overnight pet care in which I spend 12 hours at your house overnight. I am not able to spend all night and all day at your house. If you need overnight service and you would like mid-day visits as well, I can add in a standard mid-day visits to your schedule or refer you to a daily dog walking service in you area.

Maddy the Basset Hound


What is the earliest and the latest you can visit?

My earliest visit in the morning is 6:00 am. My latest visit is 9:00 pm. If you want me to come twice each day, I usually make the visits 12 hours apart. If you want the earliest visit possible and the latest visit possible, I will do my best to accommodate you.

Can you spend extra time with my pets?

If you would like a longer visit, I can arrange for it. Contact me for pricing.

Will you need to see proof of vaccination for my pets?

Because it is a county & state law, all dog owners must provide documentation of current rabies vaccination for their pets at the intial consultation.

As per Lake, Cook, Kane & Dupage County Animal Ordinance:

 § 8. Every owner of a dog or cat four months or more of age shall cause such dog or cat to be inoculated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian.Every dog or cat shall have a second rabies vaccination within one year of the first vaccination andevery year thereafter. However, if the vaccine used is one recognized by the Illinois Department of Agriculture for a three year period of immunity, and the dog or cat is over twelve (12) months of age at the time of inoculation, the interval between inoculations may be extended to three (3) years. Evidence of such rabies inoculation shall be entered on a certificate the form of which shall be approved by the Board and which shall be signed by the licensed veterinarian administering the vaccine.


What types of medicine can you administer?

As a certified veterinary assistant I am able to administer medications in the form of pills, liquids, injections, transdermal, inhalers & subcutaneous fluids to certain animals.


Eko & Cali

Do you charge extra to administer medication?

If medication is administered as part of a pet care visit there is no additional charge for pilling, transdermal, inhalers or injections. There is an additional charge for Subcutaneous Fluids due to set up & administration time.

There are fees for administrating medications if the only purpose of the visit is to assist the owner who is present.


What will you do if my pet becomes ill while I am away?

 If your pet should be come ill while you are away you will be notified immediately. If I deem necessary I will contact  you veterinarian and arrange for you pet to be seen. If it is after normal office hours I will take you pet to the emergency clinic you have designated.  I will do what is in the best interest of your pet.


Do I need to give you a key to my house?

I request a key in addition to any garage or door code to your home during the initial consultation.  A key is requested in addition to keyless entry methods in case the power goes out or the batteries should fail. It is suggested that clients allow me to retain the key safely in my possession for future pet sitting needs. However, the key may also be returned to client personally after services are rendered.

If the key is returned to Client, there will be an service charge each time I make a trip to Client’s home to pick up the key.


Can you pet sit for my pet that is sometimes aggressive?


I specialize in pets with behavioral issues. At the time of the consult I will observe & analysis your pets behavior. We will discuss their history, triggers and any issues they may have. At that time I will determine a strategy for caring for your pet.  It make take some additional visits prior to your departure to work with you and you pet to make sure I am able to work and handle you pet.  I will do what is in the best interest and safety for both myself and your pet.


What special steps do you take with a shy cat that hides all the time?

Cats have their own sense when it comes to getting to know people. Some take longer than others to come around to strangers. I never push or force myself on a cat. Unless the cat need medication, I will allow the cat to come to me on their terms. I will always make sure to get a visual of your cat & make sure they seem okay. I will watch for eliminations in the litter box, and that their food & water has been consumed.  I have found majority of the time most cats will come around with enough time  and enjoy their visits with me.


Can you take my dog to the local dog park or a local trail?

I am more than happy to take you dog for a leashed walk to a local trail or park. I am also willing to take them for car rides with your permission. However, for liability reasons I will not take them to a local dog park or off leash. This is a safety precaution for the well being of your pet.

Can you keep my pet at your home or facility instead of coming to my home?

I do not offer any boarding or kenneling facilities. I only provide care at your home. If you need a place to take your pet,  I can recommend properly licensed facilities.

Do you have special policies for major holidays?


I have a couple of special policies for major holidays, as it is such a busy time for me. When you make your reservation, I will inform you of the details of my special policies. You will always be informed of all special policies before your service begins.






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