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National Pet Week is generally the first week in May.

National Pet Week is time to celebrate the positive impact pets bring to people’s lives and that we bring to theirs. National Pet Week is also an opportunity to focus on responsible pet ownership.

National Pet WeekPets bring and make a positive impact to our lives. They provide unconditional love and support. They don’t know or understand what “National Pet Week” is. In return pets depend on us for that love and care to be reciprocated. It takes more than loving an animal to be a responsible pet owner. Being a pet owner is a privilege, not a right. These are thing that pet owners need to reflect upon not just during National Pet Week but all the time.
There are several key elements to being a responsible pet owner and shouldn’t be acknowledged only during National Pet Week. Commitment is the primary part of being a pet owner. When you get a pet it is your responsibility to make the commitment to care for that pet the entire lifetime of the pet. Dogs can live anywhere from 8-18 years old depending on the breed & general health. Cats have been know to live in upwards of 21-22 years old. Birds can out live their owners living close to 100 years old or older. Small pocket pets like Ferrets, Guinea pigs, Hamsters live shorter lives generally under 8 years. But every situation and pet is different so there is no way to tell or predict how long a pet will live.
As a pet owner it is your responsibility to provide food, shelter & veterinary medical care. These elements help pets live a longer healthier life. It is your decision as pet owner as to what degree or level you provide these necessities. Sometimes cost is an issue and a cheaper pet food or veterinarian is chosen to fit an owner budget. Pets cost money and this is another factor to take into consideration when getting a pet.
Outside of the basic care necessities that you are responsible for providing for your pet there are the other pet care needs you may not have considered. One of the main ones is who will care for your pet if you go out of town? Friends & family can be an option but not always available or willing to do so. Finding a good pet sitter to care for your pet when you are away is a responsible choice as pet owner. Choosing a professional pet care service in your area is a safe and reliable option verses a family member, neighbor or college student.They are specifically trained & have taken on the responsibility of caring for your pets. You pet will be a priority and cared for in capable hands. Where a family member, friend or neighbor may have other things come up in their life and put your pet on the back burner or forget to care for them while you are away. Another essential thing you might need for your pet is a groomer. Some breeds of dogs & cat require special brushing, bathing & clipping in order for them to lead healthy lives. Some of them need fur regularly cut and shaved. Their fur continuously grows and can mat, or grow over the eyes so they can not see. A good local groomer is also a service you should look into depending on if you decide to adopt a dog or cat and their breed requires some maintenance. Pets that require the need of a groomer usually need to go in on monthly basis. When it comes to pet services such as groomer & pet sitters cheaper is not necessarily better! You get what you pay for with these services. Generally speaking a groomer or pet sitter who charges a bit more probably has more experience and better credentials.
You also have to prepare for emergencies with your pet. They could become sick suddenly & require medical care or attention. Pet Insurance can be a money saver if your pet should become sick. Medical bills can add up fast! There are several pet insurance companies on the market that are able to offer a variety of insurance plans & coverage.
Pets need our time & attention. But sometimes in the hustle & bustle of life we may not have the necessary time to give them the exercise, interaction, love & attention they so desperately need & deserve. If some pets don’t get the attention and interaction they need they can become destructive or misbehave. In these types of situations facilities such as Doggy Day Cares, Dog Runner or pet sitting services are available to spend the time with your pet you are unable to & provide the care, exercise & attention they may need. You can drop your dog off at a day care facility where they can run & play with other dogs for the day. Pet Sitters or dog runner will come into your home & provide exercise such as running/jogging with or take your dog for a walk. Pet sitters can also come in & give some TLC, loves & pets to cats who may also need some additional attention.
Pet bring so much love & joy into our lives that we often take for granted. During National Pet Week take the time to re-evaluate you relationship with you pets. Are you giving them your all and everything they need in their lives to be happy & healthy? Or are there some changes that need to be made? Pets give us as owner 100% of their unconditional love and attention. Its up to us to give them the love and care they deserve & rely upon in return. Every day should be treated as “National Pet Day”. We at Shannon’s Pet Sitting wish you & your pets a Happy & Healthy National Pet week!

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