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A neat thing about Shannon’s Pet Sitting is even though we are located in Illinois, we get a TON of feedback about our website and articles from all over the United States. We love to hear how we are helping pet owners nationwide!

Helping pet owners nationwide
Everybody enjoys the excitement of adopting a new pet! Especially when it is your first pet! For the Conner family of Colorado adopting their new kitty Lilly sent them down that exciting road. The Connor’s have been doing research on helpful ideas to keep Lilly healthy and clean. They found our page very helpful to them.  Kathryn, their daughter, found a really nice article and wanted to share it with us. The article Kathryn found from Blue Buffalo was a great one filled with all types of information on keeping your cat healthy. In addition the email her mom Rebecca sent us was so nice we decide we would share both the email and link with you on our blog!

Thank you Kathryn & Rebecca for the great email and article! Everyone please keep the emails, feedback and suggestions coming! We love hearing from everyone and knowing we are helping pet owners nationwide!


Hi Shannon,

My name is Rebecca Conner. My husband and I decided to cave in finally and adopt a new kitten for our kids! We are very excited, and have been doing research on helpful ideas to keep our new friend healthy and clean. your page has been very helpful to us.

My husband and I have been stressing the responsibility that comes with pet ownership to our kids, and have been encouraging them to research online for things they can do to keep Lilly (our new cat) healthy. Kathryn, my daughter, found this really nice article on grooming and pet care and she showed it to me, and we thought it would be a great addition to your resources!

Please let me know if you are able to add the article to your page, I would be very excited to share it with Kathryn that she was able to give back. It shows her that some responsibility can go a long way and I would be glad to share with her that she could give something back for all your help! thanks again, and have a great day

Best Wishes,

Rebecca Conner

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