Graphic Designer Lauren

Lauren marketing manager
Everything you see the Shannon’s Pet Sitting Logo with the Dog & Cat on – business cards, brochures, website banner etc. was all designed by our Graphic Designer Lauren Henry. Shannon became friends & started working with with Lauren in 2011 after connecting on Facebook. Shannon was in need of some graphic design work and Lauren had her own graphic design company “Lucky Cat Studios”

Lauren is a graphic designer by trade.  She started in the field in 2006 as a Graphics editor and later attended the Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg, graduating in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.  After graduating Lauren worked at the Atlas Screen Supply Company and Ambria College of Nursing in their Marketing Departments. 

Lauren re-designed the Shannon’s Pet Sitting logo in 2012. She has been able to incorporate it into all marketing and media aspects of Shannon’s Pet Sitting. She also does special projects such as custom gift certificates for fundraising events and the annual Christmas Cards sent to clients. She assists Shannon at events that Shannon’s Pet Sitting is a vendor or sponsor.

Lauren with her favorite shelter cat, Tallulah

Lauren with her favorite shelter cat, Tallulah

Lauren is owned by a cat named Holly who has Lauren wrapped around her little grey paw & in 2014 Lauren & her Husband adopted a dog named Nala.

Lauren is the perfect combination as Shannon’s Graphic Designer!

  • A Graphic Designer
  • Marketing Experience
  • Loves animals & is a cat lover to the extreme
  • Thinks Shannon is the best pet sitter on earth & can’t rave about her enough

Lauren marketing manager Shannons pet sitting  with Tuxedo

Lauren is dedicated, hard working, and passionate to the extreme.  She give 120% in everything she does.  Like Shannon, takes on way more than she can handle and is highly ambitious.  She is a fun & lively asset to our team!