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Shannon’s Pets

What kind of pet sitter would I be if I didn’t have pets of my own?! Of course I love them all to death, spoil them &  think they are all gorgeous!! I learn from each of them, as they learn from me. They have been my constant companions, my rocks & support system. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today!


Shannon's Pets

Shannon with her cats (L to R) Sheena, Kizzy & Kaize

It all started with a little 8 pound Tuxedo cat our family had named Katie! At 5 years old we almost lost Katie to Chronic Renal (Kidney) Failure.  Katie opened up the door to the pet industry for me when I started working at her Specialist’s clinic the North Shore Veterinary Clinic.   By the age of 11 Katie was off all medication & eating normal cat food. The doctors had never seen anything like it. All of her Blood work was normal! Katie put up a good fight & lived to be 13 years old at which time her kidney became engulfed in a cyst half the size of her body.  Our family decided she had fought long enough.

Shannon's Pets

Katie – aka “Boogers” RIP 11/2004 Chronic Renal Failure. The one who opened up the doors to the pet industry for me.

In 1999 while working at the veterinary clinic a client had brought in a litter of kittens. 2 Torti (Black & Orange) girls & 2 black males. Despite her apprehension with our 10 year old Cat, Katie’s kidney problems, my mom said I was allowed to get a kitten if I paid all the expenses. I picked one of the Torti females & named her Harley. Sadly Harley & her brother Gremlin both came back positive for Feline Leukemia & had to be put to sleep. To try to cheer me up, my family & I went to Cat Guardians in Lombard to look at a Torti kitten they were holding for me. It turned out it was a dilute Torti (Cream & Grey) which wasn’t what I had in mind at all. Then my mom walked over to me with a little Calico kitten than instantly captured my heart! My mom helped me name her “Kizmet” aka Kizzy or Kizzybutt. She’s been my rock though thick & thin ever since! If a cat could ever take on her mom’s personality, traits & personality it’s my Kizzybutt! Sadly Kizzy was diagnosed with Kidney Failure in 2010. We fought it together hard as we could with mediation,  subcutaneous fluids & prescription diet. In the winter of 2014 Kizzy took at turn for the worst and was taken into the vet. We all expected it to be her kidneys & unexpectedly her blood work was perfect! Her kidney values were the best they had been since she was initially diagnosed. Sadly though upon further diagnostic work it was found she had lung cancer.   I could tell she felt miserable & didn’t want her to suffer. I said goodbye to my best friend of 14 years on Saturday March 26, 2014 one month from what would have been her 15th birthday.

Shannon's Pets

Kizzy RIP 3/2013


In 2000 after Kizzy turned a year old my mom said “We need to get another kitten because Kizzy isn’t a baby anymore”. I didn’t argue & off we went down the street to Orphans of The Storm in Riverwoods. In a cage was a little Torti (orange & black) Kitten tearing up the newspaper in her cage. I knew instantly she was mine! I showed her to my mom who replied “She looks like she came out of a dumpster.” I wasn’t hearing any of it! I insisted on adopting her and named her Karley. She was my love bug. I don’t think she even knew how to hiss! Karley was a big momma’s girl! While room mating with my sister for 3 years, her 8 pound cat Cassie would corner & bully 10 pound Karley. She’d cry & I’d come rescue & cuddle her. She loved to help me with the laundry and would bury and nestle herself in the laundry basket filled with warm clothes fresh out of the dryer. Then chase the last few remaining items as I pulled them out. In 2006 Karley started to act strange, looking & crying at walls, walking around like she was lost. Wake me up in the middle of the night crying. I didn’t think anything of it really and was told it was probably anxiety. We tried a couple different medications prescribed by my vet that did nothing. My cousin who was a veterinarian recommended Clomicalm. It worked! Karley wasn’t as anxious, and seemed to go back to her normal self. Sadly 3 months later it came to be her issue was an undetected brain tumor & I ended her suffering.

Shannon's Pets

Karley my Torti – RIP 8/2007


About 8 months later I realized how much Kizzy missed having another cat around. Like me, she missed Karley. As much as she liked be the only cat for the attention she was lonely while I was gone. Neither Kizzy nor I had the time or patients for a “little” kitten. So I decided a 6- 12 month old cat would be best for us. And this time around I had my heart set on a tuxedo (Black & White) kitty. So the hunt began and it was the worst one ever! OMG everywhere I turned I was getting turned down because Kizzy was too old, or Kizzy was declawed. Or the adoption fee was insanely high. I searched & searched – nothing was clicking. I had mentioned to one of my clients who was on the board for the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago, the walls I was hitting & frustration in trying to adopt a cat. He convinced me to go down to the Anti-Cruelty Society & I was to drop his name & let him know if I had any issues. So I ventured downtown not very hopeful but I figured I’d give it a shot. I went into the caged cat area. Immediately to my right was a little tuxedo cat with white paws sitting pretty at the front of her cage. She was 6 months old & had just been spayed the day before. I was pretty surprised how she just sat at the front of her cage like “Take me home please”. I took her out & hung out with her a while & decided she was the one! I was very nervous during the adoption process & interview. I was so relieved when after the interview process I was allowed to adopt her. It only took maybe a week for her to come out of her shell. Kaize is the PURRFECT kitty! I never had to train her or scold her! She has never gone on the kitchen counters, or the table. Its as if she was a 7 year old fully mature cat who had been threw the ropes. She is the social butterfly of the house, talks your ear off and always greeting people at the door. Making sure everybody pays attention to her, pets her & compliments her when we have company. She is affectionately known as my “Diva Drama Queen”.

Shannon's Pets

Shannon & Kaize


One day in September 2012 I went to my client Pam’s house in East Dundee, IL to care for her cats & the stray/ferals outside. A little female black cat walked right up to me wanting to be pet! I asked Pam who’s cat it was. She stated she didn’t know – she had been feeding her for about 2 years now. But agreed this cat was so friendly she appeared to at some point have been owned by somebody. She called her “Sam”. We decided to contact my friend Lauren Rizzo that operated St. Sophia’s Forgotten Felines out of Addison. We wanted to get Sam off the street since Halloween was right around the corner. During the arrangement process I agreed to foster Sam. I took her home & was able to trim all 4 paws nails with no fight at all! She sat on my lap & purred away. She appeared to be in excellent condition. No fleas, ear mites, scars or wounds.
Once at St. Sophia’s Lauren scanned her for a microchip – the story we got based off Sam’s Microchip was unbelievable!! She was registered to Tree House Cat Rescue in Chicago! So Lauren called them to get more info. It turned out Sam was found in St. Charles 3 years ago & was part of a TNR (Trap Neuter Release) program called Cinderella’s Hope in Dundee! She was 3 years old at the time, had a couple litters of kittens, was spayed, vaccinated & re-released! Cinderella’s Hope agreed that St. Sophia’s could have her & adopt her out. When I heard how this poor girl had been on the street her whole life & all the drama involved the past 6 years it was too much on my heart strings. I decided she needed a forever home with ME & decided to adopt her! I renamed her “Sheena – Queen of the Chicago Suburban Jungle”!
Sadly Sheena suffered from horrible environmental and dietary allergies as she entered her “teens”. We got her dietary allergies under control by putting her on a Limited Ingredient diet that did not have chicken in it. However, we were unable to get her environmental allergies under control. She was literally ripping out her fur in chunks. Seasonal steroid injections were no longer an option because her allergies were so bad. We tried an oral allergy medication that unfortunately put her in complete liver failure within 3 months. We had had to say goodbye to Sheena 7/16/2017. But she lived the good life she deserved for the 5 years she was with us!

Shannon's Pets

Shannon and Sheena RIP 7/16/2017


I had BAD kittenitis before I had been adopted by Sheena. But between Sheena joining our family, trying to buy a house, Kizzy’s ACL Surgery,and kidney failure issues, and then moving into our new house, it just wasn’t good timing. In January 2014 I decided the timing was right! The cats had all settled in and were comfortable in our new home. Kizzy was also doing really good health wise. I put the word out to my favorite rescues and friends – It’s time for my Torti kitten! I wanted an itty bitty baby kitten between 8-12 weeks old. But January isn’t exactly kitten season. So I figured when the time was right the purrfect kitten would come along. Everybody had their eyes and Ears open for me.
One Sunday I got a text message from my Marketing Manger Lauren. She volunteers at Anderson Animal Shelter in South Elgin. She walked in to see 4 tiny kittens & 2 were Torti’s! She text me pictures and I headed right over.
It was love at first sight with a little 9 week old Torti kitten who amazingly shared a few unique markings my other Torti Karley had previously had.  A dividing line of color right down her nose and a pink spot on her little nose. Cleo, short for Cleopatra, Joined our fur family January 26, 2013! Scary & remarkable at the same time – 2 weeks after being adopted Cleo was diagnosed with Parvo! Parvo is an extremely deadly and contagious virus with a 1% survival rate. Shannon & Cleo battled it out together & beat the Parvo! Cleo survived thanks to the TLC and intensive supportive medical care Shannon gave her at home.
Cleo although is love, did not turn out to be like Karley at all! Lesson learned! Cleo although she has mobility issues and looks like a “drunken bo-legged sailer”, she is a little fighter. She is THE BEST hunter I have ever had. She has a high prey drive. She LOVE watching out the window for anything in our backyard. She can catch and kill bugs, or anything else that comes in her path. She favorite toy is milk rings. She walks around the house vocalizing a weird meow, holding the ring in her mouth. As if its her prey that she caught. In her mind she doesn’t have a disability and lives a completely normal life. Constantly instigating and aggravating Kaize. She is Shannon’s tough little “Peanut”.

Shannons pets


My girls are spoiled rotten! They have water fountains, eat the best food available, and have a ton of toys!