Pet Sitting Forms



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Pet Sitting Forms

Due to the liability issues, medical conditions & the aging of animal companions we have forms that are required to be filled out and signed for each scheduled visit.

These forms ensure we get all of the information we need from the pet owner and helps the pet owner to understand the services we provide and the fees I charge for those services.

The three forms that are required to be filled out are:

♥ The Dog/Cat/Alternative Pet Information
♥ The Veterinary Release
♥ The Client Service Agreement (contract)

To download the forms click the links below

Veterinary Release Form

Dog Information Sheet

Cat Information Sheet

Alternative Pet Information Sheet

The Client Service Agreement (not available for download)

To finalize your pet care reservation request you will be emailed an electronic signature “Client Service Agreement”. Once we receive the completed form we will add you to our schedule & confirm your reservation by emailing your service invoice.
Reservations are on a first come first served basis. It is recommended you contact us and return the client service agreement as soon as possible to secure your pet care reservation. 

At the consultation you will be given a purple “Shannon’s Pet Sitting” folder to keep you Pet Information Sheet and Veterinary Release Forms in. When we care for your pets you just leave the folder out for us along with any additional notes you would like to leave.

There will not be a need for another consult unless requested as the information is obtained during the initial consultation.