Pet Sitting Services Provided



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Pet Sitting Services


Shannon’s Pet Sitting is able to provide a variety of Pet Sitting Services customized to your pets needs. All of our pet care services are provided in the pet owners home. This reduces stress put on the pet by allowing them to remain in their own environment and maintain their daily routine.

Please keep in mind that we are NOT a daily dog walking or day trip service. We provide vacation & out of town care for pet owners who will be out of town for extended periods of time.

Lady playing with dog as part of our pet sitting services

Playing with Friday

NOTE: If you choose a pet care provider that cares for your pet IN THEIR HOME, please make sure they are licensed through the IL Department of Agriculture. This is a state regulation in Illinois.  
Daily & Overnight Visits    

The pet owner has the luxury to decide what type of Pet Sitting Services they prefer. We can make multiple hour, or half hour visits to care for pets.  PLEASE NOTE: We do have MINIMUM number of visits we will provide for the safety & well being of your pets. These can be found on our PET SITTING POLICY PAGE.


Exercise & playing time

We will provide whatever type of exercise your pet is accustom to. We can let them out in the yard to play, or take them for walks. We will take the time to play your pets favorite game with them.

Pet Services Provided


Cleaning Litter Boxes & Cages

While Cat Sitting we will scoop out your pet’s litter boxes, or change them completely if necessary. We will clean your pets cage consisting of changing the lining and cleaning up the floor in the surrounding area of the cage


Giving Medications 

With 2 a Certified Veterinary Assistants on our team we have the training to administer Pills, liquids, injections, transdermal, inhalers & subcutaneous fluids to certain animals.




Pet Services Provided

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Special Meal Preparation 

Some pets require a specially prepared diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, or cooked meats with rice. Owners may prepare & pre-package meal portions. We will be happy to cook and prepare your pet’s specialized meal for an additional charge.


Mail & Newspaper Retrieval 

We are happy to bring in your mail, newspapers & any packages that are delivered to your home while you are away.


Taking out garbage on scheduled days

We will be happy to put out your garbage & recycling bins on scheduled pick up days.


Watering plants

We will be happy to water any plants in your home while you are away. We will also do some basic outdoor watering in warmer seasons.