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We are based out of Carpentersville, IL and Service the towns of:

Algonquin, Carpentersville, Dundee (East/West), Elgin (North of Rt. 20), Gilberts, Hoffman Estates (West of Rt 59), Sleepy Hollow, South Barrington, and Streamwood (West of Rt 59), Illinois

CONSULTATIONpet sitting payment accepted
An in-home consultation is conducted for all new clients prior to the start of service. This consult allows us to become familiar with you and your pet(s) as well as set up your customized services. All the pet sitters who could be involved in your pets care are present at the consultation.
The Consultation fee is $20 due at the time of the consultation. If our pet care contract is completed and services scheduled within 60 days from the date of the consultation the $20.00 will be credited on your service sitting prices
Any additional visits after the consultation are subject to standard visit charges.

Please keep in mind that we are NOT a daily dog walking or day trip service.
We provide vacation & out of town care for pet owners who will be out of town for extended periods of time.

Rates starting at $20/visit
Visits are in 30 minutes in length and includes:
Feeding, replenishing water, play/exercise time, cleaning litter boxes/cages, administering medication (additional charge for for administration of Subcutaneous Fluids), love/attention, bring in/take out the trash/recycling, watering plants, bringing in the mail/newspapers/packages, open/closing blinds/curtains, texts, picture text or email updates. Basically everything we can accomplish in the contracted time period we are there. We don’t nickel & dime our customers!

House Key

It is requested that, during the initial consultation Shannon’s Pet-Sitting collect a key to the client’s home. A key is requested in addition to keyless entry methods in case the power goes out or the batteries should fail. It is suggested that the client allow us to retain the key safely in our possession in a secured key lock box for future pet sitting needs.

If the client requests the key be returned, it can left inside the locked secured home when we leave the premises (after a scheduled sit) or  it will be sent certified mail.  Since we do not have a store front,  for the privacy & security of our own homes we do not allow pet owners to come to us to pick up or drop off keys.


We are happy to hold on to or make copies of keys to avoid future charges.
Keys are kept in a secured key lock box.


Daily Dog Walking Or Day Trips

In fact, we are strictly a vacation & out of town pet care service. Our services are provided to pet owners who will be out of town for 2 days or longer.


With Scheduled Sitting:
No additional charge for pilling, transdermal, inhalers or injections.

Subcutaneous Fluids $10.00 additional per administration due to set up & administration time.

Medicating Assistance Only
(Owner present at Visit):

Subcutaneous Fluids – $30.00 per administration due to set up & administration time.

Pilling, transdermal, inhalers or injections – $20.00 per visit

Rates are subject to change.

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