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Young Again Pet Food Discount


At the Lincoln State Cat Club Show in February 2012 I was introduced to the Young Again pet food company. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner & founder Michael. When he approached me I was very leery about their product but I gave him a chance. Being a veterinary assistant & a previous telemarketer I’m not easily sold on things. Especially pet diets. The facts & statistical information he presented me with was impressive & it made sense.

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What if you could feed your diabetic cat a food & they’d never need an insulin shot again? His food has done that!

If I asked you what Nature would feed your cat, mice and small creatures are probably the first thing you’d think of. And you’d be right. That’s because they all have one thing in common; they are made of basically meat and fat and almost no carbohydrates. The cat food you choose should match Mother Nature’s nutrient profile for small creatures and should be at least 50% protein (from animal sources not plant proteins), a balanced fat level of 20% – 24% and should contain no more than 5% digestible carbs. However diabetic cats should never have digestible carbohydrates in their food.

So why all the carbs and plant proteins   when they’re completely contrary to what your cat needs?

Simple. Carbs, including corn, rice potato, and plant   proteins are cheap and meat protein is expensive. Unfortunately, most prescription diets on the market today for diabetic cats have a 15% – 30% carb content and use high levels of plant proteins in their formulations. Plant proteins are never the best choice when you are feeding a meat eater like your cat and they would never choose them over meat in the wild. Since cats have no nutritional requirement for carbohydrates why anyone would feed them to a diabetic cat is beyond common sense. Generally speaking if you are able to put your cat on a zero carbohydrate formula soon after they are diagnosed, most cats will be off their insulin injections within 12 weeks, often in as little as 5 weeks. You will need to check blood glucose levels of your cat often once they are on our food so you can adjust their insulin injections accordingly.

However it is still important that the total amount of digestible carbohydrates in the diet remains less than 5%, matching the body composition of a juvenile mouse.

YOUNG AGAIN PHILOSOPHY: The Young Again Philosophy is that digestible carbs in excess of 5% should not be fed to obligate carnivores like your cat. Young Again also believes that you should feed free choice and not have to restrict feed or portion control your cat to promote proper weight.

Young Again Pet Food Diabetic Food Chart

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So I pressed him & said what about kidney failure (Since my Kizzy has it) and she is extremely over weight at 16 pounds!  He presented verbally &  in writing his response to me.

Your cat is an obligate carnivore and should only eat meat and fat; all from animal sources. Both meat and fat digest at a rate that matches the cat’s energy needs/metabolism rate; they are synchronized. This is why a cat fed a balanced meat and fat based diet is never overweight.

Cats are originally from a desert environment and process water much more slowly than other animals; that is why dehydration is so dangerous for your cat. Generally once a cat is severely dehydrated they will not be able to drink enough water to save their own life and will require an IV. A dog in the same condition will do just fine with a bowl of water and a quit place to rest. Hence the digestion of water and animal protein/fat are also synchronized in your cat.


Carbs digest many times faster than do animal proteins causing a constant state of dehydration in your cat, because the cat can not speed up their rate of water digestion to match the increased speed of carbohydrate digestion. To make matters worse, the average cat will consume 60-75 grams of any diet containing more than 5% carbs     (the typical cat food has 30-40% carbs), while that same cat will only consume 25-35 grams of our food. Cats can not process sufficient water for each carb rich meal and then consuming more than twice the total amount of food each day only compounds the problem further.


The reason your cat consumes more carb rich food is simple; carbs digest quickly flooding the blood stream with more energy than they can use for their metabolic needs, therefore, the excess glucose is stored by insulin as fat. Once the excess glucose has been stored the remaining high levels of insulin trigger a hunger response to get the cat to eat more food to satisfy the remaining high levels of insulin still in the blood. This scenario repeats endlessly; hence 57% of cats are over weight and kidney issues steadily increase to epidemic proportions in cats today and yet 40 years ago it was unheard of.

Young Again Pet Food

Dry has nothing to do with kidney and UT issues only the composition of the food. Our food works because it is a carnivore food and is sync with your cat’s digestion, metabolism and water processing ability.

I was floored – it made sense. So much so I purchased a bag of it just to see if it worked since they have a 60 day Satisfaction Guarantee. I took my 2 cats who are 12 & 16 pounds off the high calorie prescription diet  K/d (Kidney Diet) & started Young Again’s 50/22 Cat Food. I would NEVER jeopardize my cats health!  But I know being at least 4 pounds overweight, not active & obese isn’t doing Kizzy’s kidneys any good either! When I compared the ingredients between the Young Again & the Hill’s K/d I was disgusted! (Well I kinda knew but didn’t think I had a choice to be honest).

The facts & statistics on their products is unreal & all over their website. I want to see how it works in conjunction with Kizzy’s blood pressure medication as well. Lets be honest, I want happy healthy old kitties! My friend Lauren Rizzo of St. Sophia’s Forgotten Felines has fed it to her cats & LOVES IT!! I gave Kizzy & Kaize some when I got home Sunday as a treat & they scarfed it down.

I invite you to check them out – it is pricey I wont lie, but think of how much you spend in specialty diets, prescription diets, medications & veterinary visits. I stand by “you get what you pay for” philosophy. They also have a RAW pre-mixes for those of you who are interested.  They make foods for Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Reptiles, Koi, Fish, & other small Animals. I’m not a product pusher or sales person but this is one I think deserves some attention & I wanted to share with you!

UPDATE: 3/14/2013 My cats have been on the Young Again 50/20 cat food for over a year now. Kizzy is down to between 12-13# & every time I take her in for a kidney check up her values come back better & better! She has been reduced from visits to the vet every 3 months to 4 months & now twice a year!

The website is

To get 10% off your first order use coupon code: 134355