The Pet Sitter Process


If you have never used a pet sitter before and have no idea how the Pet Sitter Process works you’ve come to the right page!

The Pet Sitter Process is as easy as 1..2..3…!


The main facts and questions as a pet owner you need to take into consideration are:

  • Where do you live? Does the pet sitter provide service in your area?
  • What type & how many pets do you have? Does the pet sitter have experience & care for your type of pet(s)?
  • What type of service or care did you have in mind for your pet(s)?
  • Does your pet have any special needs? Such as medication, behavioral issues, or separation anxiety.
  • When are you going to need the pet sitter? Is it during a holiday or time of year that may be extremely popular for travel when booking may be limited and require advance reservations?      


I’m able to provide a couple types of services to pet owners. All of my pet care services are provided in the pet owner’s home. This reduces stress put on the pet by allowing them to remain in their own environment and maintain their daily routine.

Note: If you choose a pet care provider that cares for your pet in their home please make sure they are licensed through the Illinois Department of Agriculture. This is a state regulation in Illinois.

The two main types of service I provide are stop by visits & overnight care. Rates for these services are available on my “Rates” page.

    1.  Stop by visits: I stop by your home multiple times a day to care for your pet. These visits are 30 minutes each. During these visits I provide food & water. Play with your pet, bring in the mail, water plants, clean litter boxes or cages, give medication etc


  1. Overnight Care: I spend the night & live in your home while you are gone. I watch TV, use my own lap top, prepare & eat my meals, cuddle & play with your pet as if they were my own. During which I follow your pets feeding, play, and elimination schedule. I will also bring in the mail, water plants, put out the garbage, clean litter boxes or cages. This The Pet Sitter Processprovides home security in the fact that it gives the appearance of somebody being home, and a car in the driveway. Also this provides your pet with additional companion time. Pets are more than welcome to sleep with me if you allow it. I also am willing to bring dogs with for car rides should the owner permit it.  I do not stay with your pet 24/7 as you certain do not yourself. I go out & live my life as you would normally, going to work during the day, running errands & caring for other animals. Overnight care provides security for both your home & pet.



Once you decide what type of pet care service you are interested in then you contact me. I can be reached via phone, email, text message or through this website on the “Contact” pageCall a pet sitter.

I will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours. I am available via text or email any day between 8am-8pm. I’m am available for telephone conversations Monday through Friday from 4pm-8pm. Weekends I am available 9am – 8pm.

To ensure your pet gets the quality time & personal care it deserves I don’t overbook. Therefore, once you’ve booked my services I may turn away business in order to accommodate your schedule.  I do my best to assist and accommodate pet owners with last minute booking emergencies. Please take into consideration I am often rearranging my schedule facilitate you.  However, it may not always be possible for me to take last minute requests for services.



I will inquire about scheduling a complimentary consultation to come by & meet with you and your pet at your home. The consultation allows me to become familiar with you and your pet(s) as well as set up your customized services. It is a chance to get to know each other, for me to see your pet’s environment, interact with your pet(s) and to see if a comfortable business relationship is equally feasible.

earning a cats trustI will also need some liability forms completed prior to the consultation which we can review together. These forms ensure I get all of the information I need from the pet owner and helps the pet owner to understand the services I provide and the fees I charge for those services.

At the consultation all forms containing the information regarding your pet’s care must be provided. I ask that you please download these forms & fill them out ahead of time. Typically at this time, we will discuss your pet’s routine and anything else you feel is important for your sitter to know. At this time it is also requested you provide me with the key.

That’s all there is to it!
I look forward to hearing from you!