Overnight Pet Care

Overnight Pet CareOvernight pet care is a specialized service with limited availability. This service tends to book a month in advance, more if over a holiday. The care is provided in the pet owner’s home and is available for both dogs and/or cats.

Overnight care is an average of 8-10 hours. It includes a 15-20 minute brief potty & dinner visit anytime between 4-6pm if necessary. Then we return between 8-8:30pm and depart anytime between 6-8am the following morning. It does not include mid day visits.

In order to provide this care for dogs there are prerequisites:

1) They must be over 12 months old.
2) They must be completely house trained.
3) They must be able to be able to have free roam and not be crated during the evening.
4) They must be able to hold it for between 8-10 hours if necessary without accidents. (Additional mid day visits are available for an additional fee)
5) They will not be confined or crated by Shannon’s Pet Sitting for more than 8 hours without an opportunity to run or have free movement exercise in a designated enclosed “safe area” for at least 20 minutes.
6) The home must be a smoke free environment

Overnight Pet CareWe are unable to provide overnight care in a home where people smoke in the house. Shannon has lost her Dad, Uncle, Grandma and dear friend Paul all to lung cancer. Shannon was a smoker herself many years ago & does not pass judgement on anybody who chooses to do so in their own home.However, due to the health risks of 2nd hand smoke we will not spend extended amounts of time in the pet owners home.

Please see the Rates page for pricing.