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Diabetes In Pets

Diabetes In Pets Your pets are more than mere animals to you — they’re companions and friends. That’s why you always want to provide the best possible care for them. One way to demonstrate your love for your dogs and cats is to take care of their health needs and understand what potential issues they […]

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National Dog Bite Prevention Week in Review

Here is National Dog Bite Prevention Week in Review for 2015! Spanning the third week of May of every year is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, in which the responsible dog-loving community comes together to raise awareness about the ever-growing problem of dog bites that’s happening across the country and across the world. For example, […]

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Spring Pet Hazards

Pet owners need to be careful of Spring Pet Hazards after being cooped up all winter! Post brought to you in partnership with Fleas and ticks come alive too in the spring! They can spread a number of different diseases that affect both pets and people: Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, anaplasmosis, tularemia, and babesia. Ask your veterinarian […]

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National Dog Bite Prevention Week

National Dog Bite Prevention Week is the third full week of May each year, and focuses on educating the general public as well as pet owners about preventing dog bites. Every year, almost 5 million people are bitten by dogs and most of those bitten are children. Preventing dog bites is everyone’s responsibility, and simple […]

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Pet Sitting Prices Verses the Economy

Pet Sitting Prices verses the Economy Over the course of 18 years of pet sitting we’ve seen the economic trends of Pet Sitting Prices. When I first started pet sitting in 1997 pet sitting was relatively new, the economy was in an upswing and life was easy as a pet sitter. I was able to […]

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National Pet Week

National Pet Week is generally the first week in May. National Pet Week is time to celebrate the positive impact pets bring to people’s lives and that we bring to theirs. National Pet Week is also an opportunity to focus on responsible pet ownership. Pets bring and make a positive impact to our lives. They […]

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Pet Sitting to the Max

Pet Sitting to the Max! Pet Sitting to the Max is the level of customer service Shannon’s Pet Sitting strives to provide so pet owners have the ultimate pet care experience. When we state “The Ultimate in Compassionate & Professional Pet Care” we mean it! Pet Sitting to the Max is making sure we go […]

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The Difference Pet Sitting Verses Dog Walking

The Difference Pet Sitting Verses Dog Walking Pet owners often confuse “Dog walking” or “Daily Dog Walking” with Pet Sitting. As an owner of a “Pet Sitting ” business that specializes I can understand why. It’s confused because so many “Pet Sitting” services have flooded the market since the early 2000’s that offer both & […]

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Pet Sitter Insurance

Pet Sitter Insurance Pet Sitter Insurance is matter many (Pet Sitters & Pet Owners) take too lightly and really do not completely understand. After over 18 years pet sitting & over 10 year in the insurance industry I was able to get a very good perspective of exactly what is proper “Pet Sitter Insurance” coverage […]

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First Dog Flu…Now Cat Flu?

Dog Flu…Now Cat Flu So I get an email from a pet sitting client wanting to book dates to care for her cat. In her next sentence she asks me about the cat flu. I was like “Dog Flu…Now Cat Flu?” I had no clue what she was talking about. She told me it was […]

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2015 Daily Herald Readers’ Choice Best of the Best!

2015 Daily Herald Readers’ Choice Best of the Best! Because of your votes earlier this year Shannon’s Pet Sitting has qualified for the 2nd round in 2015 Daily Herald Readers’ Choice Best of the Best! VOTING FOR ROUND 2 IS NOW OPEN! Readers’ Choice Voting for Round II – Best of the Best is live! […]

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Canine Influenza – ALERT & Precautions!!

Canine Influenza – ALERT!! As per the AVMA recent article on Canine Influenza – “The canine influenza virus is highly contagious and easily spread from infected dogs to other dogs through direct contact, nasal secretions (through coughing and sneezing), contaminated objects (kennel surfaces, food and water bowls, collars and leashes), and people moving between infected and uninfected dogs. […]

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Allergies and Your Dog

Dog just like humans have allergies. Allergies can be environmental and or food related. Our friends over at Young Again Pet Food have provided information on “Allergies & Your Dog” in reference to their superior dog food formulas. For more information on “Allergies & Your Dog” click the link below: Allergies & Your Dog Remember […]

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