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Martingale Collars – What are they & why use them?

Martingale Collars – What are they & why use them? People often see Greyhounds and Whippets (Sight hounds or racing dogs) with different dog collars that look like a choke collar but don’t have any prongs. These collars are called Martingale collars which are also known as Greyhound collars or Humane Choke dog collars in […]

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The mighty cat litter debate – what brand to choose?

The mighty cat litter debate – what brand to choose? Over the course of 20 years and 8 cats in our family I’ve use a fair share of cat litters. You choose a cat litter based off of your life style & needs. Over the past few years I’ve done quite a few litter trails […]

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Illinois ranks at one of the top states for Dog bites!

Illinois ranks at one of the top states for Dog bites! Scary statistics from State farm insurance – in 2012 Illinois ranked #2 in the U.S. for dog bites with just over 400 claims. We didn’t do much better in 2013 with over 300 dog bite claims! National Dog Bite Prevention Week 2014 kicks off […]

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Importance of READING your Pet Sitting Contract

Importance of READING your Pet Sitting ContractA pet sitting contract is more than filling out dates of when to care for your pet & how much is charged. It’s a legally binding document agreeing to the terms of your pets care in your home. It is a scary fact that over 50% of pet owners […]

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Why Pet Sitters have Cancellation Policies

Why Pet Sitters have Cancellation Policies Do you actually “Read” your pet sitting companies contract? The contract is for you, your pet & your pet sitter’s benefit. Policies and liability waivers are put in place by professional pet sitting companies for good reasons. The number one thing often missed on contracts by pet owners is […]

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Prolonging the inevitable….saying goodbye to our pets.

Prolonging the inevitable….saying goodbye to our pets. No matter how we try to prepare ourselves it is never easy to lose a pet. It has been a very rough couple months for me & my family in regards to our pets. My new kitten Cleo fought a long hard battle to beat Parvo. I had […]

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FeLV, FIV, and FIP in cats

FeLV, FIV, and FIP in cats Two weeks after adopting my kitten Cleo in January 2014, we took on the battle of Parvo head on & beat it! Cleo was in the 1% of survivors. Along the way she caught a secondary infection and the veterinarian mentioned testing her for FeLV, FIV, and FIP. But […]

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Think before submitting that FREE pet sitter inquiry request!

  When pet owners submit FREE inquires to websites like to find a pet sitter – the pet sitter pays for that lead!! Please try to take into consideration if you are positive you REALLY NEED a pet sitter & if you are willing to pay for a professional pet sitter before inquiring. Because […]

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Pet Sitting in Hoffman Estates, IL

Pet Sitting in Hoffman Estates, IL   If you live in Hoffman Estates, IL and are in need of a pet sitter to care for your pets while you are out of town or on vacation you have come to the right place! Shannon’s Pet Sitting is an award winning professional pet care service serving […]

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Micro-chipping Your Pet Isn’t Enough

Micro-chipping Your Pet Isn’t Enough So many pets are micro-chipped that are adopted from rescues & shelters. Pet owners also get their pets “chipped” by their vets as well if the breeder or rescue didn’t already do it. But that little device won’t do you or your pet any good it it’s not registered and […]

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Cat Food Recall!!

Cat Food Recall!! It was announced today that Pro-Pet LLC is voluntarily recalling a limited amount of Hubbard Life and QC Plus dog food and Hubbard Life and Joy Combo cat food because of possible salmonella contamination. Symptoms of salmonella poisoning in pets include lethargy, diarrhea, fever and vomiting. Pro-Pet, based in St. Marys, Ohio, […]

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This Pet Sitter got stuck in the snow!

Last night was honestly one of the scariest I’ve had in my 15+ years of pet sitting! Chicago has been getting pounded by snow since December. People are not keeping up with their driveways & walkways! I went on a consultation to meet a new client in Barrington, IL last night. Our appointment was at […]

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The Effects of Feeding Wildlife

Providing wild animals with a steady, human-supplied food source can lead to problems for both the animals and humans. You should refrain from feeding the wildlife for a number of reasons – one such reason is that it attracts mice and encourages them to search for additional food sources and enter the building(s). In addition, […]

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What to look for when booking a Pet Sitter for the Holidays

Hard to believe in October you need to worry about a Pet Sitter in November, December or even January! But if you want a GOOD pet sitter, Yes you have to start thinking about booking them that far in advance! Thanksgiving, Christmas, And New Years are the busiest time of year for pet sitters. A […]

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“Earth Friendly” Poop Bags not THAT “Eco-Friendly”

I was at the H.H. Backer Total Expo this past weekend and stopped at the “Earth Rated” Poop bag table. At the previous years event “Earth Rated” were handing out their famous Green Dispenser and poop bags. I’ll admit I think I came home with between 4-6 of the holders and enough poop bags to […]

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