Illinois ranks at one of the top states for Dog bites!



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Illinois ranks at one of the top states for Dog bites!

Scary statistics from State farm insurance – in 2012 Illinois ranked #2 in the U.S. for dog bites with just over 400 claims. We didn’t do much better in 2013 with over 300 dog bite claims!
National Dog Bite Prevention Week 2014 kicks off May 18. Funny how every article I read about it I keep seeing “this is the perfect time to educate CHILDREN on the importance of interacting appropriately with dogs. Teach KIDS never to hug or kiss a dog on the face. If your CHILD is approached by a strange dog, teach him to stand still. Remind CHILDREN to never disturb a dog that is sleeping, playing with a favorite toy, eating or protecting its puppies. Parents are reminded to always supervise their CHILDEREN’s interaction with dogs.” See a trend??

KIDS, CHILDREN, KID, CHILD….HELLO!!! What about the ADULTS, PARENTS etc?? Truth is dog bites are attributed to ignorant, irresponsible dog owners – NOT THE DOGS! People, or should I say ADULTS, do not know how to read dog behavior or body language, do not know how to control their dog, do not properly leash their dogs and the result is dog bite incidents. Dogs need to be properly trained & socialized otherwise yes they will bite. If a dog is not properly trained or socialized DO NOT bring them out into a public situation or environment! Dog training is NOT just the dog responsibility to learn how to behave, it’s up to the OWNER to hold up their end of the job and follow through with the training.

So what actually happens with a dog bit situation? Many people have no clue until it actually happens.
Regardless of rabies vaccination status, Chicago law mandates the owner to take the pet to a veterinarian within 24 hours to begin a 10-day observation for rabies. The veterinarian will examine the dog then mail and fax a report to Animal Care and Control. Those who find themselves a victim of dog bites might want to get in touch with someone like this Tate Law Offices Dallas Personal Injury Law Firm who might be able to help with your personal injury case. You could also do some research into law firm closer to you so you don’t have so far to travel.

• If the animal’s rabies vaccine is current, in most instances the pet can be confined at home and brought back to the veterinarian on the 10th day. Such animals should be evaluated by a veterinarian at the first sign of illness and will be reported immediately to the local health department. The veterinarian must again file a report with Animal Care and Control certifying the completion of the observation period.
• If the rabies vaccine is not current, the animal must be confined under a veterinarian’s care, at the owner’s expense, for the 10-day observation period. Rabies vaccination will be performed prior to discharge. Administration of rabies vaccine to the animal is not recommended during the observation period to avoid confusing signs of rabies with rare adverse reactions.
It shall be unlawful for the owner of any animal, when notified that such animal has bitten any person to sell or give away such animal or to permit or allow such animal to be taken beyond the limits of the city.
A case of severe human injury will require emergency care and the hospital must call the police. In Chicago, in cases where the bite victim does not go to the emergency room, the victim must go to a police station to report the bite in person. The police report is automatically sent to Animal Care and Control. An officer from Animal Care and Control may visit the dog’s home to explain the owner’s responsibility and ask questions about the circumstances.
A dog that has caused severe injury or death will be impounded by Animal Care and Control while a “dangerous animal” investigation is completed. The owner is required to pay all costs incurred by Animal Care and Control for housing, care and treatment

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Shannon’s Pet Sitting REQUIRES ALL DOG OWNERS to provide a current copy of their dog’s rabies certificate. This helps by reducing the opportunity for a dog to be impounded for Rabies Observation while in our care.
Working in a veterinary clinic, I have seen dogs get impounded for Rabies observation due to a lapse in Rabies vaccinations. It happens more than you would think!
An in–home dog groomer had a neighbor with dogs that had an electronic invisible fence. The groomer’s client’s child was playing the yard. The child did not see the invisible fence. The child crossed the barrier & the neighbor’s dog bite the child. The dog had been given the 3 years rabies vaccination as a puppy, (Which BTW is NOT supposed to be done until after they receive the initial 1 year rabies as a puppy). The dog’s vaccinations were not current & it was impounded for 10 days at a local clinic for observation.
Earlier this year while at my own vet, a dog owner had to come in for a rabies observation appointment. The owner had no idea what a serious situation her & her dog were in. She arrived late for the appointment with her dog and had forgotten the rabies certificate. She was more concerned about getting to her son’s soccer game. The receptionist told her “You cannot leave here with your dog to go get the certificate.” The owner was shocked! It was then explained to her that until a valid rabies certificate is produced the dog is to stay in the care of the veterinary clinic for observation. Boy did they have her attention then!
Rabies vaccinations are available in 1 year, 3 year & 5 year vaccinations. Not all veterinarians offer the 3 or 5 year vaccinations. Again, the 3 or 5 year vaccination is NOT supposed to be done until after they receive the initial 1 year rabies,
Dog parks are a controversial issue with dog owners. They are often the location of dog bites & dog fights. The main issue being unsocialized and unneutered or spayed dogs. Add the mix of ignorant irresponsible pet owners to the mix & you have a dog fight and or bite. Shannon’s Pet Sitting will NOT take dogs in our care to a dog park. We do not wish to put ourselves or our client’s pets in a potentially dangerous situation.
The best way to avoid dog bites are:
1) Keep your dog up to date on vaccinations
2) Properly train & social your dog
3) Spay/Neuter your dog
4) Learn and understand dog body language & behavior. Just because your dog is trained & socialized doesn’t mean the other person dog is. Learn to read the signs and what to look for in behavior!

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