Micro-chipping Your Pet Isn’t Enough



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Micro-chipping Your Pet Isn’t Enough

So many pets are micro-chipped that are adopted from rescues & shelters. Pet owners also get their pets “chipped” by their vets as well if the breeder or rescue didn’t already do it. But that little device won’t do you or your pet any good it it’s not registered and kept up to date.

When a pet is adopted from a rescue or breeder the micro-chip is pre-registered to that breeder or rescue – NOT you! When you take your pet home you have to contact the micro-chip company & “register” the micro-chip with your information. When you move or have contact information change you have to contact the micro-chip company and have them update the contact information.

The 2 top micro-chip companies are Avid (http://www.avidid.com) and Home Again (http://public.homeagain.com). However there are other companies out there that have micro-chipping programs.   One I recently found out about is 24 Hour Pet Watch (http://www.24petwatch.com). The rescue I had adopted my kitten from had registered her microchip with them. Here is a smaller company that my pets micro-chip is registered to and I was presented with the question – What if they go under? Then what?

I did some research and learned micro-chip #’s are coded to specific companies. After a chip is scanned a vet or rescue can look at the number and tell if its a Avid, Home Again or 24Pet Watch chip, and contact that company. But again, what if that smaller company goes under?

You are able to register ANY micro-chip number with Avid or Home Again! 🙂 For a fee of just under $20 you can contact Avid or Home Again and provide them with your pets microchip # and your information for their data base.


Avid: http://www.avidplc.com/pet-microchip-registration/

Home Again: http://public.homeagain.com/petfinder-enroll-landing.html

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