Need a pet sitter in Algonquin, IL?



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Need a pet sitter in Algonquin, IL?

Need a pet sitter in Algonquin, IL? If you are in need of pet sitter or pet care and live in Algonquin, IL you are in luck! Shannon’s Pet Sitting proudly services Algonquin, IL.
Providing the Ultimate in Compassionate & Professional pet care, our award winning pet sitting services will give you peace of mind while you are away from your furry, feathered & scaly babies.
Shannon’s Pet Sitting has multiple services available and we are able to tailor your pet’s care to whatever you needs may be.
All of our pet care services are provided in the pet owners home. This allows the pet to remain stress free in their own environment and on their normal routine.
We are able to provide residents of Algonquin, IL with 20-30 minute stop by pet care visits multiple times a day, or even stay overnight for a slumber party with your pets!
As an added bonus we have 2 certified veterinary assistants on staff! Shannon and Becky both have certified medical training. Shannon is even specialized in Cardiology, Internal and Emergency medicine!
ALL of our pet sitters are certified in Pet CPR & First aid. So we are able to handle medical situations or emergencies.
Need a pet sitter in Algonquin, IL? There is still more available & included in our services! Yes INCLUDED, we don’t nickel & dime pet owners in Algonquin, IL. Majority of “additional” services are already included in our pricing. Water plants, bringing in the mail, taking out the garbage, closing/opening curtains & most medicating (with the exception of subcutaneous fluids) are included! We don’t charge extra for mileage either!
Shannon’s Pet Sitting always includes a complimentary consultation for us to come and meet you and your pets.
As an added bonus once you use Shannon’s Pet Sitting to care for your pets you are automatically qualified for the ICE Program – “In Case of Emergency”. You receive a special card to carry in your wallet or purse that notifies emergency personnel that in a medical emergency you should become incapacitated they are to notify Shannon’s Pet Sitting and we will step in to care for your pets without hesitation until you are able to return yourself to care for them.
Of course we are bonded, insured and Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and American Pet Association!
Shannon’s Pet Sitting does everything in our power to provide pet owners peace of mind and provide the ultimate in Compassionate & Professional Pet Care while you are away.

Contact us today to set up your complimentary consultation! We can’t wait to meet you & you pets!

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