Pet “Doggy” Doors & Pet Sitters Liability



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doggy doorI have a couple of client who’s dogs have access to a Pet “Doggy” door leading outside to an enclosed area in case they need to eliminate.  I have had a client’s dog meet me in the driveway as I pulled in after somehow escaping the enclosed area. Thankfully they didn’t run off  and were not were affected by the elements! The thought did cross my mind had something happen…was I liable?

This subject was brought up in a pet sitters forum I belonged to.  A pet sitter had asked their pet sitter insurance company. Pet sitters require  specialty insurance that contains the 3 C’s (Care Custody and Control).

Here is what the Insurance Company said :

“If we (the pet sitter) are leaving the “Pet Door” open when we are not there, we do not have “Care Custody and Control” of the pet, so if they get loose or something happens out there we are NOT covered. The pet sitter would NOT be liable if something did happen.

It was also asked if pet sitters should add to their policies/contracts that if the client wants the pet door left open ~ then have them sign a waiver letting them know this policy.

The following statement will now be added to Shannon’s Pet Sitting’s Client Service Agreement:

“If the client’s pet(s) use a  “pet door” allowing access outdoors, and the client requests it left open during our care,  the client releases Shannon’s Pet Sitting  from all liability if anything happens to the pet(s) when outdoors.” 


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