What’s the Cost of Pet Sitting In Chicago’s Suburbs?



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Cost of Pet Sitting In Chicago’s Suburbs

Cost of Pet Sitting in Chicago’s NW suburbs varies depending on the service provider. Services determine their prices based on many different factors and not all of them are the same. The pricing and company can make a difference in you and your pets’ pet sitting service.

The following pet sitting companies published rates were used in obtaining this information:


The average cost of pet sitting visits in Chicago’s NW Suburbs is about $17 for a 20-30 minute visit. On the low-priced end it was about $16 and on the more expensive end it was $20.

The average cost of overnight pet care in the owners home in Chicago’s NW Suburbs is around $70 for 8-12 hour stay. On the low-priced end it was $65 and on the more expensive end it was $75.

As to what determines the range of prices, here are some circumstances to keep in mind:

  • The Cost of Pet Sitting may depend on particular neighborhoods in Chicago’s suburbs. Cost may be higher in larger income bracket towns in the North Shore area, or towns such as Barrington and Inverness.
  • Are they a company with multiple employees or a sole proprietor?
  • If they are a company, do they have employees or ICs (Independant Contractors)?
  • If they have pet sitters working for them, how old are their pet sitters? Are they college kids (18-25 or adults 25+ years old)
  • If they are a sole proprietor, what is their back up plan in case of an emergency?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have an specialized training or accreditations?
  • Are they a Bonded, Insured and have an Business license?
  • Do they appear professional on the phone, via email or on their website?
  • Do they have reviews on Google, Angie’s List, Yelp & City Search?
  • Are they active on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +)? This could be a good alternative form of communication.
  • How do they charge? By time, number of pets, per visit, distance or services performed?
  • What do you get charged extra for?

One thing we have noticed over the past several years in regards to the cost of Pet Sitting is that pet care services have tried lowering their prices to get customers in the door. However, you have to take into consideration if they have pet sitters who work for them, how much will they pay their pet sitters. Why is this important to the pet owner? Because again, it will help determine the level of service that will be provided. For example most pet sitters make 50% of whatever the total price charged to the customer is. So if the customer pays $16/visit, and the pet sitter makes $8. How in the heck can the pet sitter actually make any money after the cost of gas to & from the pet sit and their time? Generally speaking the more money a person makes and is compensated the more qualified they are &  better job they will do.

The age of the pet sitters say something too when it comes to the Cost of Pet Sitting. Young adults 18-25 years old are generally college kids who are looking for extra money. Its a transitional job for them. They don’t plan on staying with a company pet sitting for a long period of time. They generally work for lower wages due to lack of experience. So if a service that charges less may use a lot of college kids & have a high turn over rate. This means you could be dealing with a number of new pet sitters coming into your home over time. Or if is a college kid doing pet sitting on the side chances are they are not bonded & insured & will move on eventually. Leaving you without a pet sitter. Also age says a lot about responsibility. Adults 25 years or older tend to show a higher level of responsibility & reliability when it comes to work.

Ask to see credentials! Proof of insurance, bonding, awards, licenses, education or certifications. Talk is cheap! A good pet sitting company should have these readily available & accessible to all pet owners.

Now taking into consideration the initial questions, the next one would be, What does Shannon’s Pet Sitting charge? According to this information, we are marginally above “average cost.” But then again, we are a highly regarded pet care service. We carry all of our credentials with us & they are presented at the complimentary consultation we provide pet owners.

  • We have been pet sitting since 1997 & established as a professional registered licensed business in 2010.
  • All our pet sitters are bonded, insured & certified in Pet CPR & First Aid
  • We are the top rated pet care service on Angie’s List and the ONLY Service to win the Super Service Award. Which we have been awarded multiple times over the years.
  • We are also the only company in the state of Illinois that is accredited by the American Pet Association.
  • In addition to having 2 certified veterinary assistants & a veterinary technician.
    We are specialized in behavioral issues, internal medicine, cardiology & emergency medicine.

That’s just some of the reasons why we are the Ultimate in Compassionate & Professional Pet Care!

Call us today! 847-987-4322

We would be happy to discuss with you in more detail the average cost of pet sitting in Chicago’s NW Suburbs. If we can’t help you out, we would be happy to refer you to a reputable pet care service in your area that can!


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