Spring Break Pet Sitting



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spring break pet sittingSpring Break Pet Sitting

Everyone needs a vacation and your pets are no exception.  While you are gone on an amazing trip for Spring Break to the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii or a beautiful beaches in a warm location treat your pets to some TLC as well!!

Hire one of our pet sitters come by your home daily to check & care for your pets.

spring break pet sitting


Don’t  take your fur babies to a boarding facility or take them to the vet’s office where they’ll spend their days and nights in a cage surrounding by tons of scary noises. Let them stay home stress free on their normal routine in their own environment.

Call Shannon’s Pet Sitting & make your reservation today! We’ll take special care of your babies, give them walks, show them attention, provide food & water, hang out with them, throw the ball or whatever they want to do.  They will have an absolute blast with our pet sitters!

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