The mighty cat litter debate – what brand to choose?



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The mighty cat litter debate – what brand to choose?

The mighty cat litter debate – what brand to choose?Over the course of 20 years and 8 cats in our family I’ve use a fair share of cat litters. You choose a cat litter based off of your life style & needs. Over the past few years I’ve done quite a few litter trails based on my cat’s needs, and preference as well as my own.
The cat litter “trails” began about 6 years ago when I got sick and tired of all of the cat litter tracking all over my house and the amount of dust on everything. I was using “Scoop Away” Multi cat clumping litter. Our family had started using “Scoop Away” cat litter many years prior because we had previously been using “Tidy Cat” and found it wasn’t clumping as well.
I switched my cats over to the crystal litter and purchased the “ScoThe mighty cat litter debate – what brand to choose?op Free” litter boxes. I took a bit for them to get used to the crunching. But eventually they were okay with it. Unlike other self cleaning litter boxes I had purchased in the past, to this day those litter boxes still work perfectly! I have them in storage. I LOVED the crystal litter! Minimal tracking & minimal odor. I was able to find reusable trays for the litter boxes and purchased the crystals at Walmart MiMi brand 4# for $4.50/bag. It was the perfect solution! No dust & minimal tracking. I used it for about 4 years. Until my cat Kizzy’s kidney failure hit a peak & she was flooding the litter box.
The mighty cat litter debate – what brand to choose?
Then came the task of trying to find another litter that could hold & absorb a lot of cat urine and didn’t track & didn’t smell. I tried going the “natural”, “Environmentally Friendly” route using the pine litter & pine pellets. While my other 2 cats didn’t seem to care what was in their litter box, unfortunately this was not a suitable solution for my picky Kizzy who rejected & refused to use ANYTHING pine based. After years of fighting it I had no choice but to go back to a clay based clumping litter.
I did a test with Kizzy & put out several litter boxes with the following brands – Arm & Hammer, Fresh Step, Tidy Cat, & Scoop Away. Spine cat litterhe used the Fresh Step & Scoop Away. I decided to go back to the “Scoop Away” cat litter knowing it was cheaper & could stand up to Kizzy’s large volume of urinations. But after 1 month I couldn’t stand the extreme amount of dust.
Arm & Hammer Double duty litter
I tried the Arm & Hammer “Double Duty” litter and although it was light on dust you could smell the litter boxes as soon as you walked in the upstairs hallway. It wasn’t the smell of the waste in the litter box – it was the actual smell of the litter itself. Kizzy had now passed so I had a bit more freedom again on what litter I could go with.

Tidy Cat Light Weight At this point I was bound & determined to find a low dust low scented cat litter. A lot of my pet sitting clients used Tidy Cat & it seemed pretty low dust. I decided to give them another chance after all these years. Tidy Cat had just come out with their new “Lightweight” scoopable cat litter so I decided to give it a chance. NOPE!! The dust was just as bad as the “Scoop Away” cat litter & it tracked all over the place! All over the room & down the hall. I found dust on everything! YUCK!!
I decided to go back to Arm & Hammer because I knew the dust was minimal. It was just the scent I had an issue with previously. I decided to try an UNSCENTED litter by them. I purchased the Arm & Hammer Multi Cat “UnScented” Scoopable litter. BINGO!! We have a winner!! No odor, no dust, no tracking!
Arm & Hammer Multi Cat Unscented Cat litterArm & Hammer Multi Cat “UnScented” Scoopable litter is our litter of choice!

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