Various signs to tell your cat is sick



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Various signs to tell your cat is sick

Various signs to tell your cat is sick

It can be very difficult to tell when your cat is sick. This is because cats are good at hiding symptoms or rather, they are good pretenders. You might be seeing them running around or playing but inside, the cat may be ill. There are various signs to tell your cat is sick. You may not notice any symptoms until a condition becomes fatal. If for example if your cat is suffering from cancer, you may not have the slightest idea of the condition until it becomes suddenly apparent. For this reason, cat owners are urged to be very alert and vigilant about their pet’s health. Regular visits to the veterinarian are important. Apart from that, you should be in a position to know when your cat is sick. Just like any other animal, sicknesses in cats come with various signs.

Change in Social Behavior

If your cat is a loner and suddenly becomes clingy and affectionate, something could be wrong with the cat. If it has always been friendly, active and affectionate then suddenly becomes hostile and distance, it might be sick. It is so unfortunate that cats can’t talk. They communicate through behavior. When you start seeing these changes you need to act quickly by visiting a veterinarian.

Change in Activity Level

If your cat starts becoming lethargic, and weak, that might be a sign of illness. Similarly, if your cat starts to behave erratically or begins to display some kind of excessive energy, there might be an underlying health concern.

Change in Appetite

This is a sign you need to watch out for at all times. You need to know the amount of water and food you cat consumes daily so that you can tell when there is a change in habits. The earliest sign you can tell that your cat is sick is when it begins to avoid meals or eats less. If a cat drinks a certain amount of water in a day but now you’ve noticed that it is drinking less or more, something is wrong. You need to encourage your cat to drink and eat as much as possible. You should also check for changes in weight. Just like people, when a cat is sick, it can either loose or gain weight. If you notice an unusual change in weight that can be another symptom of illness.

Change in Grooming Habits

Cats love to groom themselves. They are actually the cleanest of all domestic animals. When they start becoming disinterested in grooming it might be a sign of illness. Arthritis, obesity or oral health problems are some of the conditions that can cause an impact on a cat’s grooming habits.


When your cat begins to have bad breathe, that can be linked to disease or oral issues. Just like humans, cats also need dental checkups. As explains, if you have a water fountain, be sure to check if they are sticking to their usual drinking routine.

Other Changes

You should also look out for litter box habits, changes in sleeping habits, and other changes in your cat’s routine. If your cat starts sleeping all the time or is awake in odd hours, that can be a health issue. If it starts to have accidents around the home or isn’t using the litter box as expected, that can also be a health issue.
Essentially, you need to be vigilant of your cat’s general behavior and if you notice any unusual change, visit a vet. However, some signs might not even be accompanied by a health issue. That being the case, when you notice that there is a change in behavior, you need study it for two or three days. If symptoms persist, you can then visit a veterinarian. It is advisable that you stick to one vet; one whom your cat will grow old with.

Article is is written by Kevin Davies (Edited by Shannon Cole of Shannon’s Pet Sitting), check his latest post about cat water fountains

Various signs to tell your cat is sick

Various signs to tell your cat is sick

Various signs to tell your cat is sick

Various signs to tell your cat is sick

Various signs to tell your cat is sick

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