How to Keep Your Pets Happy While You’re Away



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How to Keep Your Pets Happy While You’re Away

How to Keep Your Pets Happy While You're AwayLeaving our pets at home is never fun. As pet owners, we go through a lot of emotions whenever we get out of the house without our pets in tow. Aside from the endless concern and worrying, there’s also the inevitable guilt. A few of us even get distracted from work just thinking about how our beloved pets are coping being home alone.

If you’re finding it difficult to leave your pets behind, here are some of the things you can do to ensure they stay happy at home until you get back.

Make sure there’s food and water

Food and water are basic needs not only for humans but your pets, too. Before heading outside, remember to clean your pet’s water and food bowls and load them up with fresh contents. This is essential especially if you’ll be away for several hours and there’ll be no one to attend to your pet’s needs while you’re gone.

If you worry about overfeeding your pet, it’s a good idea to buy him an automatic food dispenser that can be controlled through your smart phone. It’s a practical investment, particularly if you’re always away. You can also consider doing a DIY pet water bowl filler to make sure your pet never runs out of water.

Spend time with your pet before you leave

Scheduling time for a short walk at the park or playtime in your backyard is a good way to help your pets release their excess energy. This is very critical if you want to leave your dog in a calm state.

Dogs that are anxious and hyper can cause mayhem at home. They can easily turn their attention to your furniture, clothes or anything they can get their paws and teeth into. Aside from physical activities, you can also engage your pets in fun mind games, like treasure hunts, hide-and-seek and even dog puzzles.

Consider hiring a pet sitter

Although it’s a practical idea to ask one of your friends or relatives to watch over your pets while you’re gone, hiring a pet sitter can give you an added peace of mind. Pet sitters are generally educated to understand what your pets need, administer medications, provide exercises as well as feed them.

If you feel uncomfortable letting a stranger stay at your home, you can use a pet cam to keep track of the activities at home. In case you have the budget, you can upgrade it to a complete surveillance camera. This way, you won’t only see what goes inside but also outside of your home.

There are also questions and criteria you can use to determine if your potential pet sitter can be trusted. You can ask him to provide a proof of clear criminal history, character references as well as his experiences in handling pets. You can also probe him with “what-if” questions so you can have a clear idea of how he’ll respond based on certain circumstances.

Keep your goodbye short

Don’t make a big fuss out of leaving or arriving at home as it can make your pets feel anxious and nervous. Goodbyes should appear like you’ll just be out for a few minutes and once you return, avoid your dog for a couple of minutes. These actions will create the impression that your absence isn’t really a big issue and your dog will likely mimic the same reaction.

It’s also a good idea if you can orient your pet about the use of safety cues. These are actions or words you can use to let them know you’ll be back. If you use these cues frequently, the faster their assimilation will be.

Adjust temperatures

Dogs don’t sweat like humans do. In fact, they have very little amount of sweat glands. This makes them a lot more prone to heat stroke than humans.

If you’re going to leave for work, make sure to turn off your fans. Indoor fans aren’t really that helpful when it comes to cooling your home as they only circulate the warm air around. Instead, you can set your thermostat at a lower temperature to ensure your pet’s comfort. Although it may sound odd to program your thermostat below 60 degrees during winter, dogs and cats actually prefer a colder temperature particularly since they have fur coats.

In case you’re not feeling comfortable about leaving your home at a lower temperature while you’re out, you can invest in a smart thermostat. It will not only make sure your home stays at a comfortable temperature but it can also help you cut down on your electricity cost.

Use toys as diversion

The best way to keep your pets happy is to keep them preoccupied while you’re gone. This will help them refocus and divert their attention.

Aside from buying commercial toys, you can reuse and reinvent some of the items at home for your dog’s entertainment. You can place an empty water bottle inside your old sock or turn a couple of spare ropes into a ring. Another good idea is to create a popsicle with a few of his toys frozen inside it.

Written by Guest blogger Rose Cabrera, a dog advocate, is the lead content writer of Top Security Review.

How to Keep Your Pets Happy While You’re Away
How to Keep Your Pets Happy While You’re Away
How to Keep Your Pets Happy While You’re Away
How to Keep Your Pets Happy While You’re Away
How to Keep Your Pets Happy While You’re Away
How to Keep Your Pets Happy While You’re Away
How to Keep Your Pets Happy While You’re Away

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