National Dog Bite Prevention Week in Review



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Here is National Dog Bite Prevention Week in Review for 2015!

Spanning the third week of May of every year is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, in which the responsible dog-loving community comes together to raise awareness about the ever-growing problem of dog bites that’s happening across the country and across the world.

For example, and as you’ll see in the infographic about the year of 2015 in dog-bite statistics review created by, more than 4,500,000 people in the U.S are victims of dog bites each and every year. This means that one person is bitten by a dog every 75 seconds! Let that sink in for a while …

We all love dogs, and these statistics are by no means meant to demonize them in any way, shape or form. These statistics are meant to act as a wake-up call to all dog owners out there and tell them to take responsibility, educate themselves about this problem and help make a difference in this world.

Now that that’s out of the way, here are the 2015 dog-bite numbers and statistics in review.

National Dog Bite Prevention Week in Review

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