Diabetic Pet Care

Diabetic Pet Care

Diabetic Pet Care Your fur baby was just diagnosed as diabetic – Insulin shots, blood testing, sugar values, infections. Its a pet owner’s nightmare!

Take a deep breath, and relax – We are here to help you (and your pet(s)! Cat or Dogs diabetes is a treatable and manageable condition thanks to medicine and diet. You can maintain your sanity, your pet’s health, and have a specialized pet sitter all on a reasonable budget!

As a “Specialized” professional pet care service that has a medically certified & trained team (including 2 Certified Veterinary Assistants & a Veterinary Technician), you can imagine the horror stories we have heard over the years about the pet care services that take on the diabetic pets that have no certified medical training or experience.

We understand it is more than just giving a shot once or twice a day. You don’t “shake” the insulin bottle which is kept in the refrigerator,  you “roll” it. We know there are also several different types of insulin – Humulin U , Humulin N,  Humulin R,  Vetulin, Insulin Pens, short, medium & long acting.  There is a time window you can “play with” of when the shot is given, different locations you can give the injection & how to properly measure the insulin.  In addition to these elements we also monitor your pets water consumption  & urination’s. Understanding that a pet that consumes large amounts of water has to go to the bathroom more often & is more prone to accidents.

Below is a video of Shannon giving Jackson the cat a insulin injection.

We are always willing to assist pet owners with medicating and place emphasis on this! Why? Because we have been in those shoes  & we know personally how scary and intimidating  it can be.  When Shannon was younger her cat Katie who was only 5 years old was diagnosed with Acute Renal (Kidney ) Failure & was knocking on deaths door.  Next thing Shannon knows she’s learning how to give pills,  subcutaneous fluids and introduced to a whole new part of the pet owners world. Thanks to Katie Shannon is where she is today in the pet industry!

Diabetic Pet Care We know personally as pet owners, one of her worst fears is one of our pets becoming diabetic mainly because of the time restraint with the timed insulin shots & the cost. It does limit your life a bit. So we are always keeping our eyes & ears open to new products & treatments out there to help our diabetic furry friends. One product Shannon came across that caught her eye was The Young Again Pet Food Companies claim on their “Zero Carb” food for helping feline diabetes. So Shannon shared it with my diabetic furry friends owners. Can you imagine never having to give you cat an insulin shot again or reducing the amount of insulin having to be given significantly!? You bet those words caught Shannon’s attention! We invite you to visit our Young Again Discount food page on my site for more information on their great product! Young Again Pet Food Discount.

We’ve been in the situation where a pet has just been diagnosed with diabetes, isn’t regulated yet, and the owners were supposed to leave town on a trip.  We’ve also been in the situation that the pet isn’t particularly friendly & may bite or claw.  Specializing in pets with behavioral issues or medical needs, we will do whatever it takes to make sure that your pet gets the insulin injection they need.

We DO NOT charge extra for giving insulin shots. It is considered part of your pets regular care visit. Eventually, you must have a thorough enough understanding of diabetes so that you can be confident in managing this disease instead of fearing it. Our mission is to help diabetic pet owners so they have the opportunity & freedom to take a much needed vacation or trip out of town. Giving pet owners peace of mind that their furry friend in good knowledgeable hands and well cared for by a loving compassionate professional.